'Youth Algorithms' and 'Incentive' releases - early acoustic stuff from 2013​-​2014

by Jay Penaflor

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released May 14, 2013

This all began with me trying to busy myself with some kind of musical project due to me being stuck at home with no job and having no commitments to any other bands. So I decided to do the whole 'singer-songwriter acoustic' thing but with me putting my own twist to it, and in doing so led to me releasing my very first EP 'Youth Algorithms' in 2013. You might notice that with these three songs I chose to sing in a more huskier/baritone style. At the time I was listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and even some Joy Division songs, and they all made me wanna change the style of my voice.

Track listing:
1. Sundance Jupiter
2. Youth Algorithms
3. Temporary Relief

In the period after releasing the Youth Algorithms EP, I recorded a collection of other songs under the veil of 'Incentive' which were publicly released in 2014.

Track listing:
4. Citizen Sane
5. Fridge Buzz (Choirs Of Suburbia)
6. Background Music
7. Milk And Honey
8. Textbook (Demo #1)
9. As Trends Go By
10. Bad Samaritan
11. Your Iron Tongue

Credits for 'Youth Algorithms' EP:
All tracks written and performed by Jay Penaflor.
Additional vocals performed by Blue Iris Rivera.
Produced by Jay Penaflor and Daniel Prieto. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Prieto.
EP Artwork created by Daniel Prieto.

Credits for 'Incentive' Collection:
All songs by Jay Penaflor.
Additional vocals by Jennifer Lewis on Track 4 and Niobi Henkel on Track 6.
Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 recorded by Jay Penaflor. Track 11 recorded by Harley Cooper and Track 10 recorded by Ryan Haustorfer.
All tracks mixed by Harley Cooper except for Track 8. Track 10 mixed by Ryan Haustorfer.



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Jay Penaflor Melbourne, Australia

Just letting you know that Jay Penaflor has reformed his solo work under a new name -CHANGELINGS.

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